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Metu Neter Volume 4

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Metu Neter Volume 4 The Ausarian Resurrection The Initiates Daily Meditation Guide

You Cannot realize your divinity from your understanding of spiritual principles, however well you have understood. Realization of divinity depends on the establishment of 11 divine Laws - Maat - into the mind and life-force of the initiate to give them spiritual power of realization. 

They must be placed into the mind in a specific order, as they are interdependent, and at a specific time of the year according to the receptivity of the spirit Ra, which must provide the spiritual vehicles for their manifestation.

Of all the spiritual systems that were practiced in ancient Egypt, the Ausarian Initiation system was the most prominent as it was the most effective means of leading "man" to the attainment of divinity-the essence of our being.  


Metu Neter Volume 4
Metu Neter Volume 4 Sale price$24.95 USD