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Men Ab Kamitic Behavioral Transcendence Meditation

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A Kamitic name for the forehead, location of the prefrontal lobe, is Khenti. A word that has tens of associations to Ausar, the foremost, and the highest. It is also the name for the Nubians; implication that they were the first to manifest the Ausarian teachings, as a result of the forehead faculty. The Kabbalist call the four head faculty the Ratzon upon which the Shekinah, Holy Spirit, sits at the Sabbath. The forehead is also the locus of the Ajna, or will chakra residence of the mantra Aum.

Men Ab is a Kamitic ancient Egyptian meditation system that activates and optimizes the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Men Ab will greatly enhance your performance in school, the job, your career, financial endeavors, relationships, healing, art, self improvement, success in your enterprises and spiritual quest due to the fact that the prefrontal cortex is in charge of planning, thinking abstractly, intuition, reasoning, social behavior, empathy, morality, perception of the future consequences and implications of your actions, and psychic and spiritual powers. The prefrontal cortex corresponds to the Ajna (third eye) chakra of yoga, science, and the Khenti, the seat of man’s divinity and Kamitic spirituality. 

Men Ab Kamitic Behavioral Transcendence Meditation
Men Ab Kamitic Behavioral Transcendence Meditation Sale price$24.95 USD